Women Over 40: How to Attract the Right Men and Avoid the Wrong Ones

How to Date if You're a Woman Over 40 Love U Podcast

In your experience, dating in your 40’s is trickier than dating in your 20’s or 30’s. But does it have to be? What’s so different about dating after you turn the big 4-0? In this Love U Podcast, I’m going to share with you why it is, indeed, harder to find a good middle-aged man, and what you should consider if you’re facing your biological clock.

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What is the Best Dating Site or Best Dating App?

The most popular question I get is “what’s the best dating site or app?” Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Match, OkCupid. Where should I go to find quality men? I’m going to answer that in a moment, but first I’m going to explain that which site you’re on doesn’t matter nearly as much as what you do when you get there.

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Why You Should Never Be Exclusive With a Guy

Why You Should Never Be Exclusive With a Guy Love U Podcast

Have you ever slept with a guy who wasn’t your boyfriend? Have you ever noticed that most of the guys you were exclusive with never became boyfriends? You’ve been falling into the same trap, over and over, and had no idea how it kept happening to you. In this Love U Podcast, I’m going to help you stop falling for men who are not worthy of being your boyfriend.

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The #1 Thing You Can Do in Dating That Men Will Love

The #1 Thing You Can Do That Men Love Love U Podcast

You turn to me to know the secrets of the male mind. You listen for aha moments about how men think. You watch to understand what makes commitment-minded guys choose to commit to some women and not others. Stick around to hear the single most important piece of advice one Love U grad got from her coaching experience and how EASY it is to make a guy want to stay.

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How Not to Be Jealous of His Ex-Wife

How Not to Be Jealous of His Ex Wife Love U Podcast

You’ve been with men who are liars. You’ve been with men who are cheaters. You’ve been with men who had eyes for other women. You’ve been with men who are close with their exes. And it. Drives. You. Crazy! The question is whether your jealousy stems from a real threat or whether your jealousy is merely a fear of repeating old mistakes.

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Are You Dating A Man Going Through A Divorce?

Are You Dating A Man Going Through A Divorce? Love U Podcast

You can’t help who you fall in love with. This is true – but that doesn’t mean it’s the full story. When you fall in love with a man going through a divorce, you’re taking a huge risk, no matter how cute, kind and emotionally available he seems to be. Stick around to learn how attraction may not be a choice, but deciding which men you invest your time in is.

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Are You Afraid of Getting Hurt in a Relationship? Listen To This.

Are You Afraid of Getting Hurt? Love U Podcast

You’ve had moments where you wanted to give up on love. We all have. You sink your time, energy, and emotion into a guy, only to determine, after a long, tortuous process, that he is not the man you hoped he’d be and not the man you need him to be. You look inside at what you did wrong and come to the conclusion that there’s something wrong with men, something wrong with y

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5 Clichés of Love That Are Hurting You in Dating

5 Clichés of Love That Hurt You in Dating Love Up Podcast

Cliches are cliches for a reason. Often, they have a solid basis in truth. But what happens when you believe in a cliche so deeply that it actually sabotages your desire to have a successful long-term relationship? Do you even know some of the deep-seated beliefs you hold that are preventing you from achieving your wildest dreams?

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