Do You Act Like You’re Fine Being Alone?

Do you spend more time working than anything? Do you have close friendships but no successful romantic relationship? Do you take long breaks from dating and tell the world you’d rather be alone? At the end of this Love U Podcast, I’m going to ask an important question to help you get the romantic future you deeply desire.

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  1. 1

    This is a good podcast. I know women who want to be mothers and/or to have a marriage but they water down their intentions to everyone. If you can’t admit what you want, especially to a man, then what’s the point of ever going on a date or pursuing a relationship. “Maybe” , “Someday”, “Now is not the time” can be dangerous words if they are repeated too many times. You should always remind yourself that being alone is the easier. For most women, going to spinning or yoga class is much easier than going on a date. Binge watching netflix or going out with friends is easier than kissing a man for the first time. So the default/easy choice can become habitual. Also, you don’t make yourself easier to date. When you act like you are fine being alone, then you move closer to apathy and apathy is NOT a good look when dating.

  2. 2

    Good point MM. I think women who downplay their intentions with men, think that if they are honest that they will “scare men off”. They will, but they will only “scare off” the men whose intentions don’t match theirs. If they act non-chalant about what they want, men who are looking for a serious relationship, won’t stick around. So it really becomes self defeating, to act like you don’t want anything serious. No, I am not suggesting bringing a copy of Bride’s magazine to a first date, but nor should you make statements that indicate you don’t want anything serious.

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