Ghosting: Why Men Disappear


The definition of ghosting: I would rather avoid an uncomfortable exchange with you than to be courteous. Listen to this Love U Podcast to learn why you should never leave a man hanging, and the most common reasons men disappear from your life.

After listening to the podcast, click here to learn more about why men disappear – from your first date, during the dating process, and from relationships – and what you can do to make good men want to stick around forever.

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  1. 1

    Glad this one was shorter.   This reminds me of something NoQuay said in the Too Much Information post:

    Folk want to shortcut the weed out process and it just isn’t possible; they want no confrontation, no icky feelings to deal with; again not possible.

    It’s not possible.   I’m so glad they put it like that.   If you want to have some integrity, it’s not possible. If you want to have a relationship, it’s not possible. If you want to be a good friend, it’s not possible. It doesn’t matter what level the relationship is, you know when a person’s feelings are involved and when a conversation or even an just an e-mail should happen. It’s sooo awkward. I do it, though.   But it does feel bad when you are in that conversation.

    What I realized. I want a man who leads.   But I kept accepting men who led me to places I didn’t want to go. I’d eat the sushi or Italian (example from the podcast) for months at a time when I really don’t like it.   I was letting him lead, but I have to be better at actually finding men that I have real stuff (this is not really about dinner) in common with.

    Heck, after listening to this I wonder if I should go on 300 dates! No, not really. 🙂 But I need to meet a lot more men.   I don’t need to date all of them, but I can’t keep settling for the few that I lose interest in.

    I still think this topic isn’t particularly for me.   I felt that way when I read the book four years ago.   But I can see maybe I’ve learned from Evan these years and I don’t need the ‘first few dates’ advice.     And as he says always, he goes more into more depth in his Love U program.

    I’m not sure if I’ve been ghosted on.     What men did do was take a looong time to get back to me so itwas not great.   Only two did that, but in that time I thought they had ghosted.   I think it’s mostly lack of interest on their part when that happens.   That happens less now because I cut men loose earlier.   A man can’t ghost if you have the ovaries to just have the conversation with him first, or suss out that he’s not that interested.     It took me a while to learn that just because a man calls, sporadically, doesn’t mean he’s interested to the point where somehow I trained myself for that to become a turn off.   It wasn’t originally but it is now.   And once I’m turned off, I have the conversation (uncomfortable and icky but necessary) and I’m out.   If a man you’re not interested in ghosts,   you don’t really care.   In fact, you don’t always even remember.

  2. 2

    In the second half of the post you mention how we become the victim of our own success and that rang home. I used to be the one that was ghosted. It was only when I started applying a few of your techniques to dating that i started to reap dividends in dating (mirroring! Lean back instead of overfunctioning! Dating advice gold) and it admittedly has made me a bit lacksaidisical about calling men back if i wasn’t interested in a second date. Being popular doesn excuse being impolite and i cringe as i realize that i have taken on the bad habit of the guys i used to date.

    In the (must admit, quite recent) past I have been guilty of ghosting after the first date.   Several ones. It wasn’t even that I planned on ghosting i just felt meh about the whole experience and when the guy contacted me again for a second date i kept thinking ‘I’ll app a nicely worded thanks for the memories after i wash the dishes/hoover the floor/paint my toenails/watch the evening news/during breakfast etc etc’ And then it just doesn get done and i feel the moment has passed. It’s not a nice thing to admit, but this podcast was an uncomfortobale reminder to get to the point quicker.

    While i have never ghosted on someone i was dating for longer, i can understand why people do in these situations. People can react emotionally and lash out in a rather unconstructive manner in order to assuage their egos. I think we have all experienced this and itÅ› no wonder some people want to avoid situations wherein they and their gender are called every name under the sun and are told that one day they will be old and decrepit and no one will want them SO THERE (true story). So while we should definitely discourage ghosting we should also encourage a more level headed approach to being dumped, however unpleasant that may be.


  3. 3

    I think I was just ghosted after two really good, fun dates. The second date was on Saturday and now it’s Wednesday and not follow-up date.   He texted on Sunday and Monday, but not Tuesday.

    None of the things Evan mentioned seemed to apply, from my perspective, but I am not sure if they applied from his.

    I am kind of feeling OK about it though, even if I am a bit disappointed. I am not trying to chase anyone who can’t follow through.

    1. 3.1

      If he texted you on Sunday and Monday, it seems possible he was looking for some sort of an expression of interest he wasn’t seeing in your responses. Maybe he thought it was your turn to plan a date. That would be kind of rigid, but I can understand it.

      Perhaps from his perspective, he couldn’t see anything different in your “good, fun dates” than all the good, fun dates he has been on where the woman was not interested. Or maybe he has had a disappointing experience being strung along. Either way, perhaps he was looking for something a bit proactive from you. But it is within your rights to screen out such men.

      this is just one possibility though. It’s also possible he lost interest.

      1. 3.1.1

        He texted last night actually. But didn’t ask for a date.

        We started to talk about paddle boarding and how I am going this weekend. He sort of mentioned that he’d like to do it, so I said, “do you want to come?” And then he said, “I am interested, but this weekend might not be the best because I am preparing for my mom to come and visit this next Thursday. But maybe. Let me see what I can do.”

        So, I sort of asked him out on the fly…which was an impulse thing. And there was my answer…sort of wishy washy. I understand he needs to prep for his mom coming, but either do that and say no, or say yes. Anyway, it was a mistake. He wasn’t going to ask me out this weekend, so I should have left it at that, I think.

        1. ScottH

          I think your asking him to go paddle boarding was totally fine but his response spoke volumes.   His mother is coming in a week and he can’t find time to go paddle boarding?   If he was interested in you, he would find the time, period.   It’s flaky that he would text you but not be interested in pursuing things.   Don’t waste another thought on him.   My 2 cents.

        2. Christine

          I hate to say this, but I would not hang too much hope on this one.   He doesn’t sound interested enough to actually move forward towards a committed relationship.   I can understand not being able to get together with you when his mother is in town…but then, why couldn’t he suggest other alternative dates when he is available, and try to plan for some other time to get together?

          This is not the way a potential future boyfriend behaves.   Believe me that a future boyfriend isn’t content to only text you, and will lock in plans to actually see you on a regular basis.   I’m with Scott, don’t waste any more time with him.   Especially when you’ve only had two dates and aren’t in any relationship with him, you owe him nothing whatsoever and are free to find someone else who won’t ever leave you guessing.




        3. N.

          I agree with you Scott below…

          I don’t get it really. I know that I won’t see him when he is with his mom next weekend (which is fine. He told me about that trip and they are going out of town). So, if you aren’t interested in getting together, why keep texting me? Are you going to text me for weeks on end and never see me?

          His “maybe” might turn into a yes, but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Moving on…

        4. Christine

          N, have you ever heard of the term “pinging”?   (try googling it with “dating” and you’ll find articles describing your situation–I think you’ll find those helpful in explaining why he bothers texting you at all.   They explain it far better than I can)

          I think that’s your situation with this guy.   Before getting into my relationship, I ran into guys like this too…the ones who would occasionally text you but then, not follow through and make actual plans to see you again.   As you can imagine, none of those guys ever actually became my boyfriend.   My actual boyfriend consistently locked me in with specific days, times and plans for seeing me again (even after just the second date)

          A friend of mine was in a very similar situation as this.   It turns out, the guy was seeing his ex-girlfriend again on the side.   However, he still kept in touch with my friend in the meantime.   I think my friend was his “fall back” in case he wasn’t able to reunite with his “first choice” ex.   This doesn’t bode well to me either.

          I’m glad you’re moving on and not wasting any more of your time on this!

        5. Tom10

          @ N
          I agree with Christine; your guy is JNTIY.
          So cut him off. Forever.
          “So, if you aren’t interested in getting together, why keep texting me?”
          – Boredom.
          – Kicks.
          – Ego-titillation.
          – Inability to admit he’s not interested.
          – He needs some female contact (but not too much) and simply has no-one else to text.
          – He doesn’t want to cut off a potential sex source 100% just yet.
          “Are you going to text me for weeks on end and never see me?”
          Pretty much, yep.
          “His “maybe” might turn into a yes”
          Highly unlikely, to the point of saying his “maybe” is actually a “no”.

        6. Emily, the original


            Before getting into my relationship, I ran into guys like this too…the ones who would occasionally text you but then, not follow through and make actual plans to see you again.   … A friend of mine was in a very similar situation as this.   It turns out, the guy was seeing his ex-girlfriend again on the side.   However, he still kept in touch with my friend in the meantime.  

          That dating strategy is also called benching. It’s keeping someone on the back burner.

        7. ScottH

          I had a sorta kinda similar situation this week.   An attractive woman winked at  me online and I sent her an email and started the conversation.   After a couple of back and forths, I suggested a meeting and she said she was interested.   I asked her if I could call her that night and she responded a couple days later with no mention of talking on the phone.   I gave it one more try suggesting meeting for lunch at the end of the week.   She replied simply saying that she couldn’t make it.   She made no mention of when she could make it, gave no alternatives.   I gave her two tries and she only made it hard on me (certainly didn’t make it easy).   FLUSH!   NEXT!   If it starts out this way, I don’t want to see what it might turn into.   The woman I long to meet will be responsive and intelligent and will make me glad to meet her.   She will not frustrate me or leave me guessing.   Been there, done that.   No more fvcking BS.   I’m too old for that sh!t.

        8. GoWiththeFlow

          In the very early stages of a (possible) relationship with a man, I think there are things you can do or say that will definitely turn him off.   But there is little you can say or do that will significantly increase his interest level in you.   That is up to him.

          Like Scott, Christine, and Tom have said, he’s JNTIY.   Instead of responding to his texts, use that time to send a message to a friend or relative that you do know loves you.   Make them feel loved and appreciated instead of wasting it on someone who doesn’t reciprocate.

        9. N,

          Interestingly, he said he was going to go paddle boarding with me yesterday. So I guess he is coming. However, he wasn’t proactive with a date this weekend, which again makes me think JNTIY.

          Ok, so I go on this and then I will hang back and see what he does. If it’s not at all proactive and just texting for attention, then I’ll move on.

  4. 4

    Is ghosting really when someone doesn’t follow up after a date? Or two or three dates? I thought that just meant they weren’t interested.   I only call it ghosting if I was actually dating them (not girlfriend, but beyond a handful of dates) and we were already in regular contact and I tried to reach out and no one responded.

    But if ghosting is no contact after a date, then it happens all the time.   And we don’t call it ghosting when we don’t care if they call.   Is it only ghosting when one person enjoyed the date and the other one didn’t? If I go out with a guy once or twice and I am not interested and he never calls, did he ghost?

    1. 4.1


      If you went out with a guy once or twice and you didn’t enjoy it and don’t hear from him again, that’s called RELIEF. It may or may not be ghosting, but why would you care?

      When people care, and the title matters and you’re googling for answers is when: you do like them and they seemed to like you and nothing obviously bad happened on the date/s and you never hear from them again, or you call/message them and they don’t respond. It’s happened to me a few times and it really, really hurts.

      That’s why ghosting is so bad. It leaves you wondering what happened. I even had a guy say he wanted to see me the following day and left a message that night with an x (kisses), then the next day when I followed up regarding the plans for the day, he didn’t answer his phone, and I never heard from him again. Another time I had two great dates with a guy, he told me after the first that he had a REALLY great time, planned the second one immediately for 2 days later, then the second date he told me “I could kiss you all evening” (which we pretty much did). I tried calling to arrange a third date (decided it was likely my turn as he planned and paid for the previous 2 dates). He didn’t return my call and never has. That’s ghosting.

      It’s awful. I implore everyone not to do it. You can make all the excuses in the world why it’s okay to leave someone hanging like that, but it’s not. In this age of digital communication, you don’t even need to talk to them, there’s sms, email, voicemail..lots of ways to let someone know you’re not interested, and preferably (gently), why. I have to move on from these, but it would be MUCH easier to do so, if I knew what happened.

      1. 4.1.1

        I agree with almost all of what you say.   I’ve done those Google searches! 😀 But in the end, I stopped because the answer was always the same: he’s just not that into you.   And that is a sad thing if you are into him. Now I know the signs and I just lose interest when they don’t return a call.   I’m like done.   What’s sometimes weird is sometimes they call back two months later? Yeah, right! Like I’m still available to them. You snooze, you lose.   And they are genuinely surprised. One guy said he lost my number. Maybe he did.   But in the two months until he ‘found’ it, I realized I didn’t like him that much, just the lack of closure and wondering made me think about him more than I would have.

        It would be easier to know what happened.   But not always.   I’ve asked guys who don’t ghost and sometimes the reasons are hurtful.   And not consistent between men! So you are just getting one person’s opinion, a person who doesn’t know you well.   At least you know, yes, but that info doesn’t exactly inform the next situation.

        Took me years to learn this stuff.   Wow. I don’t do the internet searches anymore.   I wish it hadn’t taken me so long to figure the ghosting thing out a bit.

      2. 4.1.2

        I think I inadvertently ghosted somebody who was into me, after I just received a text after a couple of months from a guy I had dated a few times and after the last time had been quite clear I was not up for a relationship.   He obviously felt hurt and I had to explain to him again that there is no room in my life right now.   I can’t tell him the real reason – totally unattracted to him due to his teeth.   I tried to get over it but I couldn’t.   The kissing all night you experienced totally flummoxes me though – it makes no sense someone would be into that much and then just ghost. Maybe he expected sex after all that kissing and when you didn’t put out, bolted?   Also, if you had enjoyed each others company so much, isn’t it normal to make the next date set in stone before you say goodnight? It sounds like he just wanted sex.

        1. Marika

          Thanks for your responses S, and Kanga. It’s nice to know you have been through similar things and Kanga that you’re as confused as I am about the kissing all night guy!

          Perhaps he did want sex. I didn’t have my ‘not sex until exclusivity’ script ready to go as generally I don’t feel it will be needed on the second date. I guess I need to revise that. I thought only players (which are typically quite easy to spot) would cut and run if you don’t have sex so quickly, even if the kissing is really, really good. Isn’t that more reason to be motivated to see me again though? From his perspective – to kiss more and try to push for more? Anyway..

          I don’t want to be the kind of person who says ‘oh well, they just wanted sex’ and blame the guy..a lot of my friends are like that, and they come off as bitter. If there’s something for me to learn & change in my approach, I’m willing to do it. Hard  to learn anything (about myself) from a ghosting experience, though!

          Anyway, I  take your point, S, that I will likely never know what happened, or why, and even if I knew why, that in itself may be quite hurtful. Thanks again. Sometimes the comments are almost as helpful as the post!

  5. 5

    I have never ghosted anyone myself as I tend to be painfully honest (even blunt), but I was ghosted twice in the past seven months. In both instances I had been dating the guy for a couple months.   One guy resurfaced after 3 months, the other after 1 month.   None of the things mentioned in the podcast seemed to apply to either of these situations.   Interestingly enough, these two men had a few things in common.   Both had previously been in emotionally abusive relationships.   I’m pretty sure both were insecure.   I think both were just situations where the guy was looking for some validation, or ego massage (and probably sex as well)?   I just wonder if I attract these types because I’m really understanding and accepting?   While I was disappointed with how things ended with these men I do feel sorry for them and I hope that they find what they need and for my part I just view it as experience.

    I’m currently dating a really wonderful man, so it’s all good.

  6. 6

    Evan, I’d also like to say that I love your blog.   I find the topics (and comments) fascinating and insightful.   Keep up the great work!

  7. 7

    Based on my personal experience I find men disappearing for reasons below:

    1- married or in a relationship

    2- woman didn’t meet his expectations or didn’t look like her profile

    3- he is extremely insecure and unless the woman makes him feel comfortable or secure, he won’t pursue her

    4- every date is confidence booster and he’ll continue to look for the-next-best-thing

    My theory based on 1.5 year of dating with more than 40 one offs (single dates)


    1. 7.1

      This is very spot on. I’d also add:

      5- Was simply looking for sex and, after not scoring on the first date, had no interest in pursuing the woman further or for anything more

      Dating has been one offs and ghosting consistently for me for years. I never expect a man to call after a first or second date.

      1. 7.1.1

        Kyra, totally agree on #5. That is probably the most common reason. I imagine a man on the first date thinking, “I spent $200 on the first date, I expect her to putout. If not, no point in spending any more money on her again.” I have been told I show stop signs and red lights. When asked to explain, they say, I don’t let on!!! I am old enough to know that is all bs. What they are really saying is that you should putout or I’ll move on to the next.

        1. Kyra

          I’m stop signs and red lights as well. I’ve had to become that way because it’s near 99% of men who ask me out on a first date are doing so simply because they expect  sex with me immediately after.

          I’ve found I get a combination of #2 and #5, and I assume #2 is because my behavior (a friendly, respectful yellow light) didn’t match up with my (shapely and curvy and buxom) body from photos (a green light in their mind), so who I was and how I portrayed myself on the date didn’t match up with their expectations of sex after. Sad, but thems are the breaks.

  8. 8

    I think most people don’t want the confrontation.   For sensible people, ignoring means not interested.   Anyone who thinks ignoring is some type of invitation or cue to step it up has personality problems.     However, for some people, ghosting is way to avoid making a decision.   Rejections are final and some people don’t want to be the  ultimate decider.   Some people start  fights with their partner just to help them feel justified in ending a relationship or  get the other person  to end the relationship.    When you reject, you have to live with your decision.   In weird way, rejection requires a commitment to move on.    I have a suspicion that some people who tend to ghost are also people who have trouble  deciding what they.

  9. 10

    Ghosting has a broad definition, and I think it can be different for everyone, and that’s okay. It’s like the question, what is love? It’s different things to different people. There is no universal definition.

    I don’t feel like it’s ghosting if you’ve only had a couple of dates. That is what dating is for, gauging interest in someone, seeing if they would be a good fit and it takes more than one date to do that. I had a guy not call me for a third date, and while I was bummed about it, I just realized that it’s part of it. Dating is for gathering information.

    That said, if a guy asks me out again and    and I am not interested, I just do what Evan says and thank him for the time but tell him I don’t feel the connection I feel is necessary to proceed. Is that easy? No, but I have my integrity. I know that I didn’t treat someone badly.

    What you put out to the universe comes back. I try to put out good, even when it’s hard.


    1. 10.1
      Emily, the original


      “I had a guy not call me for a third date, and while I was bummed about it, I just realized that it’s part of it. Dating is for gathering information.”

      That’s not ghosting because neither of you made any further attempt at contact. If you had called him and he hadn’t called you back (even after only 3 dates), that would be ghosting. If neither party makes any effort for it to move forward, that’s not ghosting, just mutual, tacitly understood disinterest.

  10. 11

    When I first bought Why He Disappeared it felt very weird to me to be doing so as a straight men, but I was hoping to learn something from it.

    What I found is that in that book you are giving great examples of how a good man and a good women should act.

    This was very useful for me because it showed me things I need to improve on to become a good boyfriend and it also showed me the things to look out for in searching for a good girlfriend.

    Attraction is literally just the first step, it is almost like icing; good initially, but has no real influence on the substance of what you are trying to get.

    No one needs a dating coach to tell them who they find attractive, but we can all use help on choosing a “great” life long investment.

    1. 11.1

      I think it is awesome you bought the book as a “straight man” looking to improve yourself and learn.   I think most men don’t see things that way, which is why Evan writes mostly for women.   You are probably a great boyfriend!

  11. 12

    I think I would expand the definition a bit to say that anybody who doesn’t provide a reasonable closure to the other person is ghosting.   I think breaking up over text message with a ridiculous and not-credible excuse after dating someone for an extended period of time is ghosting too.

  12. 13

    Wow, I’m surprised that anyone can delude themselves into thinking that they are not acting out of self interest. That’s kind of amazing. I love the question of asking “What is his self interest” in determining why a man is doing what he is doing. I often say “people do things…because that’s what they want to do”. Making it more complicated than that is overthinking it. Why is irrelevant 90% of the time. The fact that they are doing it is all the information you need.
    I will say that I think there are some gender differences in lying. I think men don’t care when you lie about things that don’t matter to them in order to get a first date. For example, I don’t think men care too much if you lie about your hobbies or credit score (these tend to be seen as white lies), but will care greatly if you lie about being fat.
    I have to laugh when you talk about letting a man lead. I see this all the time when a woman insists on deciding everything. On the other hand, when you let a man know what you can do, giving a few options, and he ignores it, that’s a toughie. I notice it’s much harder for me to get excited if it’s a first date, because I just don’t know anything about them (and it’s harder for me to want to rearrange my schedule for someone that may just be blowing smoke up my skirt). Once I’ve met them though, I find it much easier to be flexible. Am I the only women who finds that men tend to be considerably different than how they represent themselves? Not just circumstantial things like height/weight/income, but important things like confidence, self-awareness, compassion and passion for his own life?

  13. 14
    Christopher Range

    Another reason that he didn’t touch on.   Is men leaving because of systematic abuse by both women, and the ‘system’.   Where men are always looked at as being the perpetrators in a domestic violence situation.   Even if the woman started it.

  14. 15
    john fangled

    men leave because woman’s looks. or if the woman is evil.

  15. 16

    Hi Evan,

    I’ve been following your work for many years and think you the best! Your content is always fresh, timely and relevant. This podcast is exactly what you are all about and the commitment you have made to this community. It is filled with sensitivity, integrity, logic and insight. Ghosting is such an uncomfortable topic and you summarized it extremely well. Thanks so much!

  16. 17

    I believe I have been ghosted, in the sense that we had been dating just over 2 months seeing each other about once or twice a week and he’s just disappeared. I asked him out after meeting in person to return his bag that I found in a cab.

    I’ve been single for about a year and I’ve gotten back into the dating scene and I thought he was a nice guy and I felt like I could see myself dating someone exclusively again.  After our 2nd date I stopped seeing other because 1) I didn’t feel the desire to and 2) I’m really busy and only have 1 or 2 nights a week I can see someone. I didn’t tell him that I wasn’t seeing someone else, I wasn’t trying to be exclusive just wanted to focus on seeing where our dating would lead to. I’m an engineer and he’s in finance, so we’re both pretty busy.

    He told me that he loved having me over and not just for sex, and also that he missed me while he was on business trips. He would say nice little things like this all the time. He did need a lot of validation from me, telling him that he wasn’t boring or that he was clever. He once told me that I was too attractive to fell sorry for me, I thought this was odd but didn’t pursue the matter. At 2 months I told him that I really liked him, he said ok and changed the subject. I didn’t pursue the conversation, I just wanted him to know how I felt since he seemed to always want me to tell him he’s not boring or what not. After that he proceeded to pull away and after two weeks has not contacted me at all. I texted him a couple times and he responded but hasn’t initiated any texts. This is odd considering he used to text me all the time the longest being 4 days. I don’t want to do any chasing so I’ve just let it go. I don’t want to seem conceded but I’m very attractive, I used to be a model, and I’m intelligent. I just don’t understand what I could have done wrong. I’ve never been ghosted nor have I ghosted anyone, and it feels terrible.

  17. 18

    Ah, c’mon: even Marco Rubio believes in ghosting.

    Here’s the best bit:
    SEN. MARCO RUBIO: I will keep my questioning brief as we are pressed for time. Mr. Comey, I would just like to know why you continued to answer the President’s calls?
    DIR. JAMES COMEY: Well, as I stated in open session I tried to avoid the president’s calls, but he was persistent and I did not feel comfortable ignoring him.

    RUBIO: So, in a way you encouraged the calls?

    COMEY: I wouldn’t say so.

    RUBIO: But you did answer them, did you not? You could see just as easily as any of the rest of us when the president was calling.

    COMEY: I answered the calls in a way I felt was appropriate.

    RUBIO: If the calls made you feel so uncomfortable, as you say they do, it seems to me that you would just ignore them completely. Ghosting is a very easy and effective tactic, Mr. Comey. Had you not answered the president’s calls or texts for several weeks, I am confident he would have gotten the message.

    (Long pause)

    COMEY: I’m sorry was – what was your question?

    RUBIO: Mr. Comey, why did you not simply ghost the president instead of leading him on?

    COMEY: I did not feel comfortable ghosting the president of the United States. He has a great deal of authority and, as this committee is aware, he has a temper. I did not want to escalate the situation further.

    RUBIO: That frankly seems a little melodramatic, Mr. Comey. The President has never persistently called or harassed me so I just can’t imagine he would do that to you. Honestly Mr. Comey, you should be flattered and honored that a powerful man like the president is paying attention to you. You’re going to miss that kind of attention when it’s gone. (Sighs) With that said, I yield my remaining time to the Senator from Arkansas.

  18. 19

    I think all of these reasons are completely off base. It usually boils down to 1 of 3 things: 1) He’s not that into you 2) He met someone he likes more/someone from his past came back 3) He has emotional issues/fear of commitment. Sometimes it’s some combination of the three. I highly doubt many guys ghost because the woman doesn’t let them lead or because you act afraid they’ll hurt you as Evan says.

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