How Not to Be Jealous of His Ex-Wife

You’ve been with men who are liars. You’ve been with men who are cheaters. You’ve been with men who had eyes for other women. You’ve been with men who are close with their exes. And it. Drives. You. Crazy! The question is whether your jealousy stems from a real threat or whether your jealousy is merely a fear of repeating old mistakes. Stick around and I’ll help you discover the answer.

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  1. 1
    In Hiding

    My ex’s wife needs this. She doesn’t seem to get there’s a reason I’m not with him. I guess she’d have been happier if I had made their lives miserable instead of trying to get along. Our kids came home for the holidays. I haven’t even seen them because I would have to go to the ex’s house to do so and she will pout and make sure everyone is miserable.

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