Why Get Married When Most Marriages End In Divorce?

It’s a reasonable question. Why get married when most marriages end in divorce? And if you came to this video believing that this was true, you’re in the right place. In the next few minutes, I’m going to drop some knowledge and show you that a) Most marriages don’t end in divorce and b) You actually DO want to get married even if you don’t think you do. Seriously. Stick around if you’d like to be loved for the rest of your life.

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    Marriage has become an unfair deal for men and the older you get the less fair it becomes. Look at it this way, if you marry your college sweetheart you can build a life with them. Should something go wrong and divorce, you’re splitting assets that you both invested in, maybe one person contributed more financially, the other in a supportive role, but it was together.

    As you get older you’ve built your life yourself, if you get married and then divorced someone is taking half of a life they didn’t help build. We need marriage laws to reflect our modern society.

    Marriage laws were written when women stayed at home and if the man left she would be destitute. The laws we currently use were in place to protect women against that reality and that made sense for that time period. Today women work and there’s no reason for women to get half of everything you’ve accumulated by yourself.

    Mark my words, now that women are beginning to outearn men, these laws will change in the near future. Enough wealthy women lose half their wealth to lower earning spouses and women will picket in the streets for change that should have happened decades ago.

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