I participated in FOCUS Coaching and I wanted to thank Evan and the ladies in the community for being a part of the incredible journey.  The biggest thing that I learned from Evan was to give the guys who are nice, but I’m not necessarily hugely attracted to a go. To ask “did I have fun” and “do I want to kiss him?” after a date. I gave myself a three-date rule to work out if I wanted a guy to kiss me, and while I didn’t want to kiss any of the guys I met online dating, I DID give the nice guys a chance and every date was a positive experience and I learned so much about myself, and what I wanted – and most of all, how it feels to be treated well by a nice guy.

I implemented all those tools when I met my husband. I didn’t meet him through online dating, we have known each other for a couple of years. I had fun with him, he treated me well, and I enjoyed kissing him. But again, thanks to Evan – unlike the last time I met a guy I wanted to kiss (who I jumped straight into a clingy, needy, anxious relationship with because it had been two years between boyfriends!), I continued to live my life to see if he would step up. And boy, did he step up. He planned a gorgeous Valentine’s Day date for us, he initiates, he tells me I’m beautiful and amazing and awesome. With him I feel safe, heard, understood, cherished and adored. All things I learned to seek out thanks to Evan.

So, thank you Evan and thank you FOCUS ladies. I’m just enjoying what it feels like to be married to an amazing, nice guy who treats me well. And it feels SO good.