Mark and I are ENGAGED!!!! We got engaged on Leap Day at Rehoboth Beach, about two weeks before everything went crazy and shut down.  The timing worked out perfectly because we were supposed to go to DC that weekend to see friends and we are able to get together with people. So, you have another success story!

We are planning a wedding for November 14 (for now). We were a little optimistic when we picked the date back in March.  We are excited to be getting married, but I would not recommend planning a wedding in the middle of a pandemic!

Life is really, really good.  He makes me laugh every day, goes out of his way to support me, and is just generally a delightful partner.  I’m so grateful that I met him and that I kept dating him!  My life is better in every way for being with him. And to think, I never managed to date someone for longer than a few weeks before Love!

Just wanted to throw out something positive for everyone in the trenches! It wasn’t that long ago that I was there, too, and I remember a Love U coaching call with Evan when I was feeling so discouraged that I wanted to give up on my dating project. Needless to say, I’m so glad I didn’t! Hang in there if you’re going through the madness.