I never dated online before I worked with Evan.

I know that every single thing he teaches is true – listen to him – follow his advice – he definitely knows what he’s talking about! I refer everyone to him. When I listened to him, great things happened- when I didn’t, I fell on my face.

Because of Evan, I’ve been in a fabulous long-term committed relationship with my fiancé for nearly five years. We were supposed to get married a few months ago but a pandemic happened- so, yea, it’s postponed. But that’s okay. Next year.

Evan’s the best dating coach. He’ll always tell it exactly as it is, but he also always has your back. He wants you in a happy successful relationship, too!

That’s why I send my friends to him. He’s the best! He’s worth every penny. He’s golden.

I still give him credit for my relationship and send everyone his way – you’ll see – you will, too! I thought I “knew guys” was “one of the guys” and all of that. That’s not dating. He teaches about how to do this right. I learned (finally), and am really really happy with my guy. I love him, so do my kids. And I owe it all to Evan Marc Katz.