I was in my late forties, successful in my career as a medical doctor, but feeling as a shipwreck in my dating life. I knew how to lead a CPR team if my patient`s heartbeat has ceased. I had no idea how to take care of my own matters of the heart.

I had a long history of bad relationships, dates disappearing after a seeming success, and me taking night calls on holidays to avoid loneliness.

My perception of the situation was in the lines of “I am too old and fat”, “I am too foreign and my accent is too strong”, and “I am too smart and too successful, and that scares the men away.”
I can`t say I realized that I need to understand men better; I just had enough of being alone and I was ready for help. Any help.

After reading Evan`s books and free advice, I decided to pay for Love U coaching just to see what happens.
The more I delved into Evan`s teaching, the more I understood that the reason for my loneliness is indeed myself, but it is not what I thought – it is rather my attitude than my attributes.

I learned that men are not scared by strong and successful women but actually like them. I learned that my age doesn`t matter much. I learned that I am in charge of my love life, and it is not the guys judging/rejecting me, but it’s me making the correct choices. One of the best lessons ever was not to jump into the pool of sparkling chemistry but wait patiently for the true colors to reveal themselves.
I have met David few months after starting coaching. We are now together almost four years, two of them married. The love and trust just get stronger with time. My husband loves my accent. He loves my trait that other people call “being blunt”. We share values, many of our interests (we both are into photography), and even some heritage (I am Russian, he is Massachusetts born, but we both have Jewish ancestry).

We are a very happy couple. I will skip the video message; I am still too self-conscious about my accent.

Thank you, Evan,