I’m an attractive woman, with a vibrant personality that sometimes goes cool (not cold, lol). As a result, I’ve had good men and good relationships but somehow they just ended. I could easily attract the right men but I never had enough “staying power” to keep them.

Then I decided that enough was enough. I needed to understand how men think and function and learn how to get them to commit. I deserved a good, functional, balanced, happy & long-term marital relationship. From Evan, I began to realize that I seemed unemotional/aloof to these men, or sometimes too attached or too “controlling” (basically just extremes), due to my fears and insecurities of losing men I liked. I also learned that all along, I tried too hard to keep a man.

Consequently, if things weren’t turning out as I expected or if I didn’t get the kind of reaction I expected, I would freak out. So basically, I could get emotionally unstable and either push the good ones away by holding on too tight or running away from their genuine goodness. or I would end up getting into the hands of the wrong men in search of some satisfaction or fulfillment. Most times, I’d end up disappointed, cause I either expected too much or gave too little.

But I’ve learned so much from that now, taking his advice, not only am I open-minded, but I see things for what they are, letting go where I should, giving the benefit of a doubt where I must and hence, I have greater self-esteem than ever. My main reason for signing up was to help me find a way of getting my long-term boyfriend to commit, but instead I’ve been able to see my extra-long term unfulfilling relationship of 6 years for what it is and move on from it.

I was motivated by Evan’s advice and discovered I not only attract just merely good men, but the kind of good men I desire. It seems something has flipped & things are turning around. I have been on a few dates and these dates have been successful, each man wanting to see me again. Now, I can hold the reins of any relationship I choose, not by forceful will but because men, from the word go, now hand me the reins.

I feel vibrant and full of life, happy, in control of myself and my situations & options, I even feel more beautiful. I’ve even been recommending Evan and have urged my girlfriends to sign up like I have, because the times when I would read his advice to any of my girls in response to some question, they got the same sense of enlightenment I’d got from start.

Evan’s work inspired me to write out how much he has helped me these past 2 years now. Eventually, I’ll be writing an update on how much progress our story (me & my new boyfriend) makes. For me, this is more than an amazing start, it’s an awesome new beginning. I believe that this one is going to be my happy ending.

Much love and appreciation,
Angie B