I signed up for Match after attending the wedding of a friend’s son who met his bride on match.com. I figured if it worked for him, it would work for me. I wrote my own (read that: boring!) profile and selected my photos and went on a few “coffee dates”, but wasn’t attracting or meeting the type of person I wanted for a lifelong partner. I contacted e-Cyrano in September and after working with you on my profile, my photo selection, my ID and headline, I posted our results in October.

My headline read “Two fish swam into a concrete wall. One fish looked at the other and said, “Dam!” I JUST LOVE that as a headline and literally EVERYONE that contacted me after I posted it commented on it!

The headline made a difference in the number of “hits” I received, but it was my profile with pictures that complemented it that resulted in contacts with more “appropriate” men. Cleve “winked” at me on November 7 and knew immediately I was the one for him. It took me another week to realize I’d found my match. We moved in together in April and became officially engaged on the following Valentine’s Day.

Cleve says that 2 things about my profile kept him coming back to my page and eventually made him “wink” at me. First, we mentioned that “I make the best tomato gravy this side of Tuscaloosa…” and he was thrilled that I mentioned the South (he’s a Georgia boy) and seemed domesticated! Second, was a photo of me standing in the woods looking at a pine tree. He is a big outdoorsman and was intrigued with that photo.

Honestly, everyone should use e-Cyrano. I’d be pleased to highlight your services in any way I can!!!

Love always,
Bobbi M