I am a divorced, 48-year-old woman who has been around the block a few times! I’m not even sure what exactly lead me to your website, but I think after years of dating and constantly being let down (and hurt) with the dating scene and men in general, I was feeling hopelessly discouraged about my future prospects for ever having a decent, healthy, loving, supportive relationship ever again. I was starting to believe it just didn’t exist! Believe me when I say that I tried everything! I’m a deep thinker who looks to herself first and I have grown and learned a lot in this lifetime. So why wasn’t I able to find a decent partner? I was beginning to think there was something seriously wrong with me. In any case, I’m not even sure what lead me to your website, but I think I went to YouTube first to look for something like “dating advice” or videos, anything to help. That is when I saw your YouTube videos, which lead me to the your website, and now on Facebook and your programs.

I know this is going to sound emotional, but following you was the best move I’ve ever made! There is something about the way you put things, so simply and matter-of-factly, and for some reason I just GET IT right away. It’s not even rocket science, but Evan I have to thank you for being a no BS, no sugar-coating type of guy. Just plain and simple language, and suddenly it’s like a light went on inside my head. It has stayed on since I first started listening and reading your advice. On a daily basis it has finally all sunk in.

For some reason, through your advice, my eyes were opened. I started seeing just where I was making mistakes in the dating scene, whereas before I always just thought that I was simply being a nice, genuine person, and that putting myself out there with high hopes was the best I could do for myself. Believe me, a person can only do that for so long! Through your words, I have started taking responsibility in a very practical way about the way my love life is going. Through your advice I have learned to cool down, chill out a bit, and not to put it all out there so quickly.
Through you, I’ve learned that it’s totally okay (and absolutely appropriate) that the fella works for it a little more than I used to make them work for it, and it’s a great idea that they prove themselves to me first before I open my heart so wide. Being a person who naturally wears her heart on her sleeve, I would have assumed I would have had to change my character to get that lesson right! But actually, with your advice it was actually quite simple.

I learned to have some dignity in the dating world. And I learned to have patience with myself and with the men I was dating too, to date the guys that I wouldn’t have gone for before, to stop dating my alter-ego! This was perhaps the best advice you have given me Evan, because in February I met a man online who I normally would have passed. He didn’t seem to be the kind of guy I’d go for, yet he was saying and doing all the right things. He worked hard for my attention, and he was sweet and loving, complimentary, and patient when I didn’t jump on the opportunity at first. He was chivalrous and charming, intelligent and witty, and I warmed to him enough to meet him in person. The last two months have been incredibly heart-warming and fun, and we have dated every weekend, getting closer and getting to know one another better each time we see one another. We would see one another more but he is living in Seattle and I live in Vancouver – another reason why maybe I would not have given him a chance before. It just goes to show that the best gifts aren’t always wrapped up the way you thought they would be.

The result is that I am totally ecstatic and happy with my new man! It turns out that he is actually perfect for me in almost every single way, and he compliments me in ways that we are different. He supports me, he is kind to my friends and family, and he treats me like gold. The way every woman should expect to be treated! If I hadn’t have listened or read your words everyday Evan, I would still be walking down the same lonely path, looking for my soulmate in men who were giving me nothing in return, and I’d probably still be wondering every day what exactly I had done wrong to chase them away, thinking there was something wrong with me. It turns out that, even though I thought I was doing everything right, I was giving the wrong guys all my attention for FREE and expected them to respect me for that (yes, the guys who just wanted to get in my pants! I understand this clearly now!)

So, thank you for helping me get clear about myself and about which man I should really be letting into my heart. I’m moving forward with this fellow because he has earned his place in my heart, and I didn’t just give it away. This has been a wonderful experience. Thank you for helping me to realize that I deserve this. We deserve one another. And that it’s never too late to be lucky in love.