When listening to you speak during the Soulmate Summit, I loved your tough love approach about finding love online. You were straightforward and brutally honest. I was really confused and unsuccessful with making the online dating sites work for me. I was frustrated about the men contacting me. And, even more frustrated being the initiator. I laughed my way through the whole email section of “Finding the One Online.” You like pizza? I do, too! You like beer? Me too! And, I was oogie! ME! The same person that hated and made fun of the oogie emails I received from men! I was so guilty of making all of the mistakes that you talked about but after listening to “Finding the One Online,” I was finally able to relax and start having fun through emailing, talking on the phone and meeting my dates.  I was able to be myself and not the uptight interviewer carrying all my baggage around.

It was freeing. I approached every new contact as a friend. And, if I didn’t like the profile of the men emailing me I was able to say So what! You don’t have to reply. And what happened when I was rejected by men that I emailed? Again, I was able to say So what! He’s not the one for you. Liberated! That’s what I was. Free from worrying and fretting and feeling discouraged. I was able to say Keep looking and keep a positive attitude about it. 9 months and 14 first dates later, I met the man of my dreams! Love is not a big enough word for how we feel about each other! I hear you telling me, “Congratulations! You have a boyfriend.”

It’s only been 106 days, Evan, but they have been the BEST 106 days of my life!

Thank you for doing what you do- for leading me in the right direction, giving me the confidence to believe in myself and helping me find the love I deserve.
One freaking happy girl in Texas!