Before I started following Evan’s newsletters and blog, I was pretty clueless about where men were coming from in relation to dating. It was helpful to learn that all I really needed to do was to make my date feel good about being with me. I also was making the mistake of going after the wrong men — basically, men who were just like me.

I needed to learn what motivated and interested men when it comes to dating and how to move from initial contact to having in-person dates.

Evan’s advice about 2-2-2 is priceless. It really does make a difference to spend time getting to know the person one has met online through emails and phone calls before going on that first date. I used Evan’s advice with the man I’ve been dating for the last month. Because we had spent time getting to know one another before actually meeting, I felt safe enough with him to invite him to pick me up at my home for the first date. He told me later that he was surprised that I did this.

The biggest lesson I learned from Evan, however, was to choose the right men to date. Before putting Evan’s advice about this into action, I ended up dating players and men who were more into themselves rather than into pursuing a relationship with me. Fortunately, I contacted a man online who wasn’t a “type A” personality — he’s on the quiet side — but who is a GOOD man: kind, loyal, romantic, truthful, and compassionate.

I can honestly say that I feel safe, happy, secure, and loved by A. I am not fretting or worrying about any aspect of our relationship, which was never true with any of the men I dated before. I have a deep sense of contentment — I’m truly happy!