I am a 44 year old female, no children, and have been divorced for 7 years. I had recently been dumped by the love of my life in April; a wonderful man I had been dating for over a year whom I met on Match. I was seeking an answer to the question, “Why did he disappear?” I found it in Evan’s book of a similar title.

Devastated and reeling from the breakup, I needed to figure out what went wrong and how I could avoid making the same mistakes in the future by avoiding men like my ex. Well, let me just say that after reading Evan’s book, I got slapped upside the head with the surprising revelation that HE wasn’t the problem! Horror of all horrors, it was ME!

I discovered I was NOT being the cool girlfriend for pretty much our whole relationship. I was anything but. I was suspicious, untrusting, accusatory, controlling. I didn’t like him hanging out with his friends. I interrogated him whenever we were apart from each other or I didn’t know his whereabouts for more than a few hours.

I was letting my baggage and trust issues from a previous relationship (in which I had been cheated on) poison my current relationship. As a result, my wonderful boyfriend left me, stating he couldn’t be with a woman who refused to trust him despite his being nothing but trustworthy and devoted to me. I got online, desperate for answers. Luckily, I found Evan’s website and purchased “Why He Disappeared” and read it in one sitting.

After 4 months apart, I am happy to report my boyfriend is giving me a second chance! I went to him and explained I now know where I went wrong, and I will not let my trust issues tarnish our relationship in the future if he were to give me a second chance to prove myself. He confessed he is still in love with me and had wanted me back all those months but didn’t want to come back to the “old” me. He was so relieved that I had figured out exactly what he needs from me: a loving, trusting, fun, laid back woman, not a prison warden.

I feel so fortunate to have come across Evan’s book “Why He Disappeared” and the knowledge I have gained from it. I want to be the “cool girlfriend,” the woman no man can leave, and I want to strive to be that woman every day from now on. I learned a hard lesson, and with Evan’s help, I was able to see where I went wrong. His insight from a man’s point of view has proved invaluable to me, and I recommend his website and books to all my female friends struggling with dating and/or relationships.