I wasn’t going on dates for many years, I felt frustrated and this frustration kept on growing. I take loving care of myself, I meditate everyday, eat healthy and exercise constantly and none of these were helping me. Believe in Love was the master key I was searching for.

I was unconsciously sabotaging myself, the intense frustration, fears of rejection, anger and guilt I felt, had prevented me from opening up to men again. I did not know how to deal with an intense break up with an ex, and I used it to protect myself from feeling pain again, and that blocked me from dating for so many years. I’m 32 years old and I started dating again after reading this book. Now everybody tells me how I have changed, I am more radiant, full of joy and beauty.

For me, it was an inner mental shift that happened while I was reading Believe in Love. For the first time I recognized that I have all the power and control within me, I can only control what I think, feel and do, and I am the CEO of my life. I take responsibility of my life, and dating men is something that is in my power and control. I was attracted to men who were not emotionally available, who were not ready to commit because I didn’t know any better. I thought passion and chemistry were the automatic doorway to love, now I realize from my past personal experiences and from the book. Believe in Love, that it is not true.

Yes, sometimes I feel frustrated, I feel sadness when a date doesn’t turn out like I wish, however while I allow myself to feel these emotions, I immediately shake myself up and prepare myself for what is coming next. I know every dating experience is for my highest and best good, if I keep on dating constantly with fun, enjoy being with men and be kind and open to them as I am right now – love will definitely come my way. Like Evan says, love is inevitable.

I go on dates every week with amazing generous men who treat me kindly. I feel amazing and each date I go on gets better and better. I ‘m more confident, I’m more relaxed, I enjoy the present moment and feel empowered and safe.

Thank you so much for your work, Evan, I appreciate you with all my heart.

Greetings from Quito, Ecuador,
Diane M.