While I’ve been in good relationships (attentive, daily calls, etc.), none of them were great and obviously didn’t last. This is very different. Martin is communicative, and while he’s got his hands full with shared custody of his 2 young daughters, he makes sure I feel special and safe.

Martin told me he loved me on the 5-train coming home from a Jay-Z concert right before Thanksgiving. I don’t even know if he’d ever heard a Jay-Z song before, but he was just happy that I was excited when he told me that he got us the tickets. We had a blast.

I met his daughters in the fall, and he’s started having me over when they are with him. I’ve also met many of his friends and his two siblings. We communicate daily and we’ve been on a couple of trips together and are heading to Paris at the end of the month for my birthday.

THANK YOU for giving me hope again and pushing me out of my comfort zone. I wouldn’t be here without your help.