For several months, I’ve been absorbing Why He Disappeared, your emails, Love U podcasts and most recently Believe in Love.

I’ve decided that you are more inspirational speaker than love doctor/dating coach. You’ve taught me much (yes, I’ve made many of the mistakes you so bluntly discuss) but the most inspiring thing I’ve learned from you is not what you might think. Like many before me, I am writing to tell you that, through the outpouring of your heart and ideas, I have reconnected with THE most wonderful person–ME!

What you’ve reminded me (which we all know but many times forget as this busy life rolls on) is that, if I value and honor myself and my life with a positive and loving attitude, I will naturally open avenues to allow someone in for real love. And I believe it will happen.

You did the same, it seems. Your ‘never give up’ stance on work, love and life helped you find yourself. And only then did you find love. Your positive attitude is exceptionally contagious. And whenever I begin to doubt the love/dating process, I have only to get my EMK fix to reinstate my faith in the power of positive living (and loving!) Thank you for that.

P.S. I’ll bet that woman who dumped you for not being successful enough is kicking herself in the a*s these days. Good for you! Blessings to you and yours.