I decided it was time to put myself back into the dating scene and was going to do it right this time – by having a professionally written profile. It was easy to work with the consultant. I filled out the questionnaire online, then had a call to fill in the gaps. It was an easy conversation and did not feel like I was being interviewed. I loved my completed profile. It definitely captured my personality! I think the profile showed my adventurous side which is sometimes hard to convey because I can come across as conservative when you first meet me.

After only 1 month on Match.com, Nick emailed me letting me know he loved my profile and would like to get to know me better. After 6 months of dating, Nick proposed. We got married on a beach in Mexico, just the two of us.

It has been a whirlwind romance and we could not be happier – all of our friends can’t believe how quickly this all happened but can see how madly in love we are with each other. I had always hoped I would meet someone like Nick, and I definitely believe my profile is what made him reach out and contact me. After a while all the profiles start to sound the same, but e-Cyrano made me stand out and helped me meet the man of my dreams!