I’m the 68-year-old woman who joined your FOCUS Coaching last December.

I’m a fast learner and you had so much to teach me. Just a few: mirroring the man, dating more than one guy at a time, looking outside the box, sexclusivity, and more. Maybe the most important was the belief that I could strategize for love the same way I had strategized all my life to meet other personal and professional goals.

I am now happily retired in this beautiful wilderness close to my daughter and grandkids and I didn’t have to sacrifice that desire to find the man of my dreams. I’m in a fulfilling relationship with a wonderful man who lives an hour away but drives the distance to spend every weekend (and sometimes lots more) with me. He is smart, kind, attentive, honest, fun, and a perfect gentleman. He goes to church with me and is on a real spiritual journey. He took down his profile without telling me and never asked me to take down mine (I did). He told me he loved me before we had sex and he continues to treat me like the most beautiful woman in the world, even now that we’re married.

After you closed FOCUS Coaching and turned it into Love U, I stayed in touch with other women through a Facebook page. I am so very grateful for your coaching, Evan. My dating experience went like clockwork (along with all the downs as well as ups) and I found my man on the hour! I credit much of that to you. Thank you!