Truly Evan, I have to thank you a million times!

Before I bought your programs (WHD and Believe in Love) I was desperate, clueless and sad! After one not so good marriage and one long bad relationship, I had a few short relationships in between and have been through men that really sucked, alcoholics, one psychopath and the other mentally ill or emotionally disturbed in other ways. The latest relationship almost broke me financially as well. I couldn’t figure out why I picked those men and I thought it was my fault alone. At 50 I realized I didn’t want to live alone, but to live with such men was not an option either. I tried hard to find a new man, but the good ones just disappeared or didn’t really step up.

At the lowest I found myself buying in on a man that ultimately from the beginning said he wouldn’t marry nor did he like me that way. It crashed of course. So, heartbroken (again) and at the lowest point in myself esteem I realized something has to change big time.

I went online found you and started to listen. I realized that I had done lots of mistakes and probably drove any sane man away with my desperate, controlling and over doing attitude. After all, I am a businesswoman with drive and I know what I want and how to get it. I also knew that I am a catch, warm, sensitive and kind, but nothing of that came through. So, after listening to your e-books and interviews I changed my profile online.

One week after that, I meet a man, CEO at a big company, a man with drive but still with a gentle heart and big love for his family. I used your advice and leaned back and let him drive. I truly was the best myself and let the rest up to him and the universe. I let go of the needy stuff and trusted in the process. And, sure enough I got a new date with him and the next one too. He says he loves the way I make him feel. He likes me and so far so good!

Of course, I have days that scare me, when he is silent and I get desperate and think the worst. But then I listen to you again and your soothing voice and advice makes me feel calm and confident again. And I know that he would be crazy not to have me cause I am a catch and he can’t find anyone like me.

Today he is planning my birthday as it is coming up next week and he is so sweet and endearing in doing this so I can’t help myself feeling big love for him. It has been almost two months now so I am still working with your advice and trying not to destroy this good thing, but sometimes you just have to go with the moment and just be there. The only thing we can be sure on is now and here!
I feel so good! Best in many, many years! And the best of all is that you gave me hope in life back!

Thank you!