I’d tried online dating some years earlier after my divorce in 2007 but was dissatisfied with my experience; I rarely had dates and when I did, they weren’t so great. Clearly, I wasn’t doing it right; I had a generic profile full of adjectives, so it didn’t stand out from the plethora of profiles on eHarmony and Match.

In Finding the One Online, your instructions on creating the username, headline and profile were a revelation to me. However, because I’m generally uncomfortable writing about myself for other people’s evaluation, I enlisted the help of a longtime friend who teaches creative writing at the same college where I teach composition, and we had fun brainstorming! Then we moved on to writing one-line stories, leaving an opening for questions from interested men. I also learned to relax and be positive from your lectures, which are so motivational, inspiring confidence and an optimistic outlook.

I really noticed a lifting of my spirits as a result of reading all three of your books. I uploaded my profile and photos on Christmas Eve, little more than a week ago. Later, I used your recommended strategy of using the Reverse Match tool to create a database from which to contact men. Already, three men have initiated contact, and that has kept me pretty busy over the holidays, especially since I find myself having to recheck the transcript to make sure I’m doing everything right. Just last night, I spent 45 minutes on the phone with one of those three men, and we have planned a date for next Friday, but now he says he would like to see me before then because he can’t wait. Apparently, three points grabbed his attention: 1. My profile made him smile from beginning to end, 2. My responses to his emails were “spot on,” and 3. I was my best self during our phone conversation due to feeling relaxed, confident, and happy. I’m no longer a failure at online dating, and my faith in my capacity to find my right one has been restored. I’m happy that I’ve bought your book and followed your advice. It has been an extraordinarily worthwhile investment!
Thank you & Aloha!