I am not inclined to acquire self-help books, but since I was aiming for the last relationship of my life, I was pretty sure, based on my previous experience, that I needed some guidance on “what men want, need, like and how to behave”, the latter being the key to all issues. It was not that I was looking to please men, but I really wanted to understand their points of view, their behaviors, and how did they react and what drive them closer to us and away from us; hmmm, interesting findings.

The first thing I’ve realized was that I had a cookie cutter profile, full of non-specific information that didn’t say actually anything special about me. I’ve contacted e-Cyrano for help writing the best profile, getting a catchy username and a linked headline. The guy who helped me did a fantastic job, my profile is very witty and it capture the essence of my personality, as well as who I am looking for.

I’ve posted my profile on Match, I’ve followed all the steps not only from “Finding the One Online” but from “Believe in Love”, and I’ve listened to both programs at least 3 times.

I am following Evan’s instructions, by logging in every day, have my list of favorites, email 3 guys (trying to be funny) with a topic from their profile, and wait for responses, then move on to the next group without getting too worked up if I don’t get any emails back. But the key is to remain calm and do my best. I am still hopeful to find a wonderful man, I know he is out there.