This year was our first wedding anniversary and I can tell you that now I feel safe, but most of all I feel empowered to have created for myself the life I truly desire.

So, here my big takeaways for all the ladies who are going to take Love U:

  • Men do what they want to do at their own timing.
  • If your relationship does not unfold the way you want, you talk about it with him (mindreading does not exist in real life!) and if nothing changes, your best leverage is to leave. If he follows, you have a boyfriend or a husband that has chosen on his own accord to pursue you.
  • Never stop dating. Learn to approach it with fun. It boosts your confidence, and, as Evan teaches, do it with an open mind and realistic expectations (men show their interest with their ACTION or INACTION!).
  • Never stop working on yourself, on your emotional well-being and on your ability to be the CEO of your own life in every area.
  • We see marriage as an arrival point, maybe because it takes so much time and energy, but, as I see it now, marriage is a starting point.

Life and marriage are a continuous process, a period of growth and constant change with bumps in the road, so we have to keep learning and always count on our own strengths.

My final note goes to Evan and to his team who make it possible for women to change their lives for the better.

Evan your advice is profound yet delivered in a simple and straightforward way which makes it particularly effective!! Sometimes what you say may seem too direct, but that’s what it takes for wake-up calls and a-ha moments to happen!!

Thanks again and I’ll keep you posted.

With much love,
Nicoletta G.