I never thought that at age 60, I’d be writing to you with thanks and gratitude to let you know that finally, after two failed marriages (one too short, the other way too long) I met a man who loves, cares, supports, encourages, makes me feel safe, and really ‘gets’ me.

It was after yet another year-long disastrous relationship that I decided enough was enough. I found you–the man of my dreams that would lead to the real-life man of my dreams–and made the decision to purchase “Why He Disappeared” and to give up control and do it your way. And boy, did I ever! After taking some time to decompress and absorb your wisdom, I signed up for a 6-month Match membership. Over that period, I went on 1-2 dates each week. There were only a few that I’d wanted to see again, which I did. But get this–the day before my subscription expired, I heard from Steve. I liked everything about him, except that he lived two states away, and initially decided not to meet. But when he told me he worked in my city all week, I changed my mind. GOOD DECISION! I am happy to report that Steve and I have just celebrated our 6-month anniversary. I have never been so happy, felt so safe, loved, and cherished. We can’t imagine ever being apart, and the future is an open door for us as a couple. Evan, I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful work you’ve offered for me and thousands of others as well. You’ve changed my life, and Steve’s, too.