Before buying “Why He Disappeared” and “Finding the One Online”, I was newly divorced with 2 young kids, I was successful in my career, and my narcissist ex had already gotten into a relationship he felt “had a great chance of lasting.” But even before my divorce, I was alone. I’d lay awake at night, hoping and praying I could find a man that appreciated my quirks, thought I was smart and sexy, who would appreciate the things I did for him, who would cuddle on the couch, go to the symphony, and who would be a true partner.

I needed to know and needed reassurance that how I was dating and what I was doing WAS going to work. I needed the encouragement to keep trying, to not take it personally when he didn’t call or text back.

I looked forward to Evan’s emails with tidbits and other free advice every week. It was reassuring to know that I already did a lot of what you described in “Why He Disappeared”. But that book also gave me hope that what I was doing WAS on the right path, I just needed to keep dating. That was something else that I got out of it: it’s OK that they’re not into me. I WILL find someone who IS into me. I just have to keep dating. Your emails really helped me “keep the faith.”

Soooo, after a layoff, a move to a whole new State! And buying and religiously using your “Finding the One Online” program, I found him! We’ve been dating for about 8 months, exclusively for about 6 months (it seems like longer!). He is everything I wished, prayed, and hoped for! He gets me. He buys me flowers randomly, he cuddles in the couch, he goes to the Symphony with me, we go camping, he likes my cooking, he thinks I’m smart and sexy, he appreciates my quirks……he makes me want to make him happy!

I’m soooooo thankful for your encouraging emails and books. The biggest thing that I got out of your material, was the encouragement to keep trying. That it wasn’t a big deal if we didn’t click because someone was out there who WOULD CLICK. My relationship with him is like the Rachel Platten’s song “Better Place.” Period.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!