I finished reading Why He Disappeared in less than two days. It has very much changed my perspective on men and dating. Within a week of reading the books, I started seeing a very nice man. He is treating me very well. And I am “doing nothing.” Whereas previously I had been “proactive,” investigative, wanting to read the last page of the book right at the beginning, showing up on dates expecting to be wowed. Now I’m just focusing on having fun and getting to know someone. I have been unsure of my chemistry with the one guy I have been seeing and how attracted I am to him. He does not feel like the typical guy I would date. He is attentive and we have gone on very nice, fun dates three times in one week! I am used to guys who ignore me and tell me how busy they are because apparently I tend to seek out men who are ambitious and charismatic and have high-powered jobs. Those guys have never treated me well though. I am trying to focus on how I have been wrong about things in the past, not get ahead of myself or worry too much if a guy is 7/10 or short. It is still a struggle for me because I do like the tall, dark and handsome guy that everyone likes. But I am changing my perspective on what I really want and the right guy for me. Thanks Evan.