It’s happened. Your hard work and mine had paid off! Being a “yes” girl and not giving him a hard time about anything has been so rewarding (thanks to your wife for that one) and it gets easier and easier to be that way every day because of how appreciative he is of my newfound easy-going nature.

He pretty much moved his entire life into my home and – WOW – what a major life upgrade! We now have a home gym in the basement, a stock tank pool in the backyard (google it – it’s hilarious), and my dog/cat are obsessed with him. I almost feel guilty for having such a happy quarantine. LOL

My Dad passed away in November, and though he was not conscious for the last few days, Tripp asked for a moment alone with him and told him his plans to be with me forever. It was both touching and heartbreaking. We didn’t really have plans to live together until we were engaged, but I know Tripp and he’d sooner die than half-ass a proposal 🙂

So here we are. The happiest self-quarantine couple on the planet. We don’t have any FOMO because there’s nothing to miss out on. I miss restaurants, concerts, festivals, but there’s nothing like going to bed with the coolest most caring guy on earth every night. Oh, and he’s obsessed with me 🙂 That does NOT suck!

Thanks for checking on us!