I’m 60 years young and really wanted to find a life partner. Divorced for almost 9 years already…it was high time. I had done quite a bit of online dating by the time I heard about Evan…but BOY was I out of touch! And so glad to have found him!

FOCUS Coaching taught me so much! How to differentiate between something personal or not personal…how to interpret a wink or a quick flash email…and how to react to an obviously long-form letter that was not at all directed at me- but to any female that would read and respond. I learned how to hear what he was saying through what he wrote and to take him at his word…if he said he wasn’t into a long-term thing- to believe him and move on. Being the “one to change him” lost all its appeal or to be his “savior” and the understanding one at my own total expense.

Everything I learned from the coaching calls I started to incorporate into each date and encounter. I found myself being the one to choose: did I want to date him again? Whereas in the beginning, I was the one trying to get the second date instead of realizing that I was the prize. Evan taught me that I was the prize to be sought after…it was great stuff!

It took a while for me to switch my thinking…I made a few more errors in who I spent time with – but the duration got shorter and shorter. Then, I broke off a relationship that was 15 months long… I was in love but he just didn’t have the time for a full-time girlfriend. At 58, I was wasting time being available to him every other weekend and not meeting anyone in his family or friends circle. Once I broke it off with him, I realized the strength that I did have. And I went right back out online.

It felt liberating, fabulous and the most positive thing I had done since I let my husband go. Now I have met the man of my dreams! I was right- it wasn’t online…but I had learned so much about what not to do and logic told me what to do from that. We are almost at 6 months and already talking of a future together…I would have missed this kind, giving wonderful man if I hadn’t been open to being the Queen….which I am every day now!