I was in a really bad place when I first subscribed to your daily emails/newsletter. My husband of 38 years left me in June last year after undergoing 2 really bad years of emotional abuse. I had been loyal to him for all of those years and loved him. I felt my life was over, that I would never find love again. That is where Evan came in, finding his website has been a life saver to me.
As I had never dated since I was 17, I was completely in the dark as to how do I now date, when life is so different. So, I took the risk of joining a dating site, a had a few dates that did not come to anything, I was nervous as you hear so much bad press of men taking advantage of you.

Then I read one of Evan’s blogs that talked about whether we have a checklist of what we want in a man and if we do what might we be missing because of this. I had just been contacted by a man on-line, we spoke through chat and on the telephone once, then we arranged to meet for a coffee and I chickened out, as I didn’t have that initial ‘wow’, I also felt nervous, in case he followed me home.

The advice Evan gave came to mind and I thought “Why not meet for coffee? At least I can make my mind up then.” The rest is history, he was the most funny and caring man, we have spent most of the last 9 weeks together and have decided that we are going to get engaged in May. We have so much in common and love each other so much.

I want to thank Evan, as if it hadn’t been for his advice, I wouldn’t have met the loveliest man and soulmate. I never believed in this before but I do now and he also feels the same. We feel as though we have waited all of our life for each other. I still read Evan’s advice and it helps me to be the woman I am, I got lost in a bad relationship. I feel whole for the first time in my life. THANK YOU SO MUCH !

Warmest wishes,
Susan S.