Thank you, Evan.

Before I purchased the digital versions of “Finding the One Online” and “Believe in Love” I was lonely, frustrated and sad. I had been on a few dates with several guys but I was despairing of ever meeting anyone. It seemed like I wasn’t connecting with anyone and the people who did show up with an interest in me were not quite right for me. At the very least there was zero physical attraction. For a while, I thought I would just have to live with that.

I purchased your materials and began listening, reading, doing the worksheets and reading your blogs and emails. I really loved listening to your fun, happy voice so I particularly like the audio files. Re-writing my profile with your advice was one of the most fun things I did. Yes, that’s right, FUN. I used the Mary Ann or Ginger reference and talked about my favorite episode of Gilligan’s Island when Mary Ann hits her head, passes out and wakes up thinking she’s Ginger. The Gilligan’s Island reference resonated with so many people my age.

I got better pictures that showed ALL of me and in every one I was smiling.

I’ve learned so much from reading and listening to Evan’s stuff and probably the biggest lesson is that I can believe in myself and my ability to love and be loved. I can and will have true emotional, spiritual and physical intimacy again. I honestly didn’t think I could do that. After such a long marriage and such a bad break-up, I was very unsure of myself. It was a huge adjustment and I did a lot of work on myself (therapy, support groups, etc.) in addition to the work I did with Evan’s material. But Evan’s material was the penny that dropped because I knew deep down that I did NOT want to be alone and that I would need to take some risks if I was going to change that.

I received immediate results from my new profile on Match. (I paid for my membership because I knew I was worth it.) I reached out to 2 new guys every day, right away I went on 3 first dates that were fun and nice even though they didn’t go further than that. (One guys I turned down and two didn’t call again which was okay with me.) I was communicating with 6 to 8 guys at all times.

I feel great.

Instead of some nagging, negative voice, I have Evan’s voice in my head telling me to take it easy and keep checking in with myself to see how I feel and if a guy is treating me the way I want to be treated. So far, so good. Actually, better than good.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Evan. Your authentic, heartfelt kindness is a treasure. I could say so much more because love and relationships are complicated topics, but for today, I just want to really say thank you. My love life is 180 degrees from where it was before I purchased your materials.

Your friend in Maine,
Susan S.