Before I joined FOCUS Coaching, I was still toying with unhealthy relationships and blaming the men in my life for being commitment-phobic. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t find the “right” kind of men – good-looking, successful, confident, AND ready to commit.

Through FOCUS Coaching, I learned that I was responsible for attracting and allowing those unfulfilling relationships! That I was approaching the dating scene with a “lack mentality” and therefore settling for less than a suitable match and tolerating bad behavior. But not only that, I learned that I was actually the one who was reluctant to commit to a relationship.

With the help of the monthly calls, access to the resources, and feedback from the community, I was able to shift my mindset around my relationship with men in general.

I know that now going forward the quality of my relationships will be much higher, making my ability to commit to a healthy relationship much more likely.

Thank you, Evan, and FOCUS Coaching for all that you’ve done!