I’m a happily married woman that found my husband applying all your advice and tips. Five years ago, I was so frustrated with love and dating, I started reading your blog in hopes of learning something about men. Boy, did I learn something! I went ahead and bought your book “Why He Disappeared” and read every single one of your emails. I also read your blog diligently looking for answers and insight.

I wanted to write to you to let you know I often talk about you with my friends that asked me how I landed such an amazing husband. I always tell them it was because of you. I have probably recommended your site, your book and your services to nearly 50 women I know.

Thank you Evan, you changed my life. You helped me discovered a lot about me and learn a lot about men and dating. I followed your advice to a T, started online dating diligently, and met my husband after only meeting 4 guys online. Started dating seriously pretty soon. And now we are happily married.

I can say that I’m grateful I found you and I realized I hadn’t told you thank you and how much you made this blessing happen in my life.

Again thank you, you changed my life.

Carla Sánchez-Anderson