When a baby is born, the parents usually have a list of people they wish to thank – perhaps starting with their obstetrician, midwives and family doctor. In my case, the list reads a little different. The person on the top of my “thank you list” is you! Please let me go back a few steps and tell you why.

Three years ago, I purchased your eBook, “Why He Disappeared.” Since then, following advice from the book and your blog, I have met and fallen madly in love with an incredibly kind, generous, loving man and am enjoying the most fulfilling and special relationship of my life. After being a couple for about a year, we decided we’d like to start a family together. Following 12 months with no success naturally, we undertook IVF, and on 17 March 2015 at 3:09pm our beautiful little girl Eva Amelia was born.

It occurred to me that evening, laying in my hospital bed with my baby in my arms, that Eva wouldn’t exist had it not been for your wise advice. So, thank you Evan, for the part you played in helping my lifelong dream of being a mother come true (not to mention the lifelong dream of my partner – he has always wanted to have a daughter).

Evan, there is a gorgeous baby girl in Melbourne, Australia who owes a lot to you and at some stage, when she is old enough, I’ll be sure to explain that to her!

We’re now just one-month shy of having been together for five years and Eva recently turned two. Time certainly flies, but I still think of your advice often 🙂

With thanks and love,

Claire K xx

p.s. I should point out that Eva is not named after you, Evan. My partner chose the name, with no knowledge of who you are or the role you have played…but his choice did give me a bit of a giggle due to the similarity