I wanted to send you a quick hello and let you know things are going so well! I’ve been working hard since we worked together last summer. I’ve been following the guidelines and now am in a committed relationship. We have been together 5 months. As I move forward, I believe I have the tools I need to manage this relationship and any future ones. I hear your voice in my head sometimes though! It helps me remember what is important. This guy has all the things on the What I Need list and so many on the What I Want list too! The time, money, and effort from last summer was absolutely worth it! Thank you!

Below I wrote about you in the third person. Feel free to use or post with my first name. If you think the above paragraph is better, use that!

Congratulations on your new book!

Lastly, please cancel my membership in FOCUS coaching effective Friday, June 20. I posted a version of what is below on the Forum today.

Dawn O’Connor