Hi Evan. I am writing to give you yet another success story from your coaching. I started reading your blog back in 2010, and followed your advice religiously. It took a while (like 2 years!) but I finally started applying your advice to my dating life. I knew it was working when I was dating a guy who other women were chasing, yet he was pressing me for commitment. I didn’t think he was the one so I cut bait, but it was so EMPOWERING to be the one who made that choice vs the other way around.

After a string of lackluster online dates, I decided to put my love life on hold and focus on my career for a bit. On Memorial Day, I left the office on a holiday weekend and decided I’d try to swing by a friend’s barbeque on the way home. As soon as I got there, I noticed a tall, athletic, handsome guy that I’d never seen before. I sat next to him in the backyard and struck up a conversation. We got married on April 14, last Saturday.

I literally had to refer back to your material a few times in the relationship when my angst was getting the better of me, but I kept my anxieties in check. And even when I didn’t, he never wavered in his love and support. I’m so glad that I saw that his dedication to me was what made him the one for me, versus focusing on a few things that I didn’t like him about him as a way of pushing him away. Without your advice, I know that I would have messed this up. Right now, I’m on my honeymoon in the Maldives with the man of my dreams, thanks to your work.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for what you’re doing. Please know that you’re impacting women’s lives, even if they never sign up for your 1-on-1 coaching and you never interact with them. I’ve referred all of my friends to your work. And please don’t let anyone say your work isn’t feminist because you recognize the differences in how men and women are socialized and help women understand how and what men think. There’s nothing feminist about a woman being alone when she wants a male companion!

I’ve attached a photo from my wedding for you to see. And this is us:

Again, thank you for what you do. Please know that your true reward will come later. I know you’re not a super religious person, so take that as you will!

My very best,