I always loved reading the success stories at the end of your emails and I am thrilled to report, you have another. In September I married the love of my life. He isn’t what I pictured… 7 years older than me with a teenaged daughter, works in the trades and earns less than me. But he’s kind and he adores me. He makes me feel safe, heard and understood… and those exact words were included in my vows. Your words, that stuck with me throughout my journey to finding him. Early on there were moments when I could have run for the hills like many before me had, because he was very intense and his home was a mess. But your voice was in my head and I liked him enough to see it through and I’m so glad I did. He’s a gem and we’ve built a life together that gives me so much joy. Thank you, Evan. For your sage advice and keeping my spirits up when I thought I’d never find him. Keep doing what you do. Women need you to bring clarity and hope that he is indeed out there.

Much love,

Jackie & Nick