I got divorced in 2014, after 20 years of marriage to a very toxic man. I left that marriage feeling low, unworthy and anxious. As I started to get back out there, I found Evan and purchased many of his products such as “Why he Disappeared” and “Believe in Love.”

I met a Jewish doctor in 2014 who was exactly my type: exciting, sexy, smart, and the chemistry was off the charts. However, he was extremely avoidant and could not commit. Instead of following Evan’s advice I plugged along trying to change him for a five year on and off relationship.

I had enrolled in Love U during one of our many breaks and found the content to be uplifting and spot on but I still could not pull the trigger and leave this man.

Ultimately, I decided to work on me. I choose my happiness first, found a great spiritual coach, did a lot of manifesting and visualization work and left that relationship.

As I found myself newly single, I remembered what Evan taught us in Love U: Believe the negatives, date someone who makes me feel safe, heard and understood. Every second you spend with the wrong man is a second you are not looking for the right one.

Two months after my break-up, my brother called me and said, “I have someone for you to date!” That someone was L. L went to law school with my brother, was a widower and was looking for a loving long-term relationship with marriage as the goal.

L is not my “type,” because he is way too nice! He is generous, loving, makes me feel safe, heard and understood. He leads with kindness and respect. At first it was tough for me because I was used to a certain avoidant type and L was nothing like that. In fact, he’s the compete opposite.

Well, friends it has worked out! I am thrilled to tell you this has been the easiest relationship of my life. Being in love with the right guy does not take away issues with adult children, parents, jobs etc. but as a team we work out our issues always with kindness, love and respect.

L proposed a while back and I have said yes! We are engaged and will get married in a private ceremony sometime before the end of the year.

Love wins! All I had to do was stop doing everything I had done before and open myself to a great man!