I started the Love U program at age 36. I felt good about what I had to offer a guy (fun, loving, great community, stable job) but I couldn’t seem to make a relationship go the distance. I was really really down about this, but listening to Evan’s first two weeks of videos really helped to change my mindset. Specifically, he made the case that there are always people looking for love, which gave me hope.

Since then, I can say that Love U is the BEST purchase I’ve ever made! I met my husband at the end of December while visiting my family for Christmas and Evan’s coaching helped me create an amazing relationship. The relationship was long distance for the first 9 months (me in SF, he in the Midwest) and during this time I learned how to be the cool girl with boundaries, how to let my partner know how to please me, to assume positive intent, and to give all trust or no trust. There were many more lessons I learned, but if I hadn’t learned these and done the hard work to put them in to practice, I am sure I wouldn’t be where I am today in my relationship.

What I appreciate most about Evan’s approach is that he doesn’t sugar coat it, but he also gives you practical steps to take that can change the outcome of your love life. I’ve read so many dating books and had never found advice this practical.

Now that the dust has settled, I want to celebrate with my marriage with you all, which started 4 months ago today! I am beyond happy and thankful to have found a husband who is so responsive and caring. This also been one of the toughest journeys of my life and I am so grateful for Evan and good friends in Love U that listened to all my worries. It’s so important to have people to lean on in this process, and it has been great to learn and grow with all of you. I know the journey can be very challenging at times, and I hope each of you finds a partner that makes you feel safe, heard, understood, and deeply loved.