When I met Evan, I was newly divorced and back in the dating game in my 40’s and was very impressed with his direct and to the point message about dating. We had a phone consult, and even though I could not afford to hire you for private coaching, I will never forget that you gave me incredible advice and welcomed me to lower-priced offerings.

Your genuine approach to helping me find a happy, long-lasting healthy relationship made such an impression. I followed your columns and posts for years and made notes of the great feedback you gave to me. Many times, I tried and failed in the dating game and the times I failed were pretty much summed up in the advice you give that I just didn’t follow.

Luckily for me, I don’t give up. Fast forward 3 years later and I met my husband who has consistently been the love of my life and the most amazing man I have ever known. I do owe some of that credit to some advice I took from Evan that I never forgot…

He and I got off track in the very beginning stages and I felt he was pulling away…I told him (even though I was absolutely panicked about the thought of losing him), that I completely understood if he was not interested in a relationship with me and while I would be disappointed I respected his decision and wished him the best of luck in his search and that he was a great guy. We became exclusive that weekend. We have been happily married since 2016 and will be celebrating our anniversary in Mallorca Spain on the most heavenly vacation that will rival our Italian honeymoon.

I now live the life of my dreams and with the man of my dreams by my side as my husband. Thank you for the advice you share with woman to help them along the way to happy HEALTHY relationships. I still have many single friends who I constantly refer to your site…the problem with most of them is that they Just. Don’t. Get It! It pains me to watch and know exactly how they will end up. And as always…they end up back in those horrible spots and wash and repeat the cycle. Its maddening!

I can only imagine how frustrating Evan’s job is. I have had several of these ladies ask me…how did I get so lucky, what did I do? Ever since being involved in a healthy happy marriage it has become somewhat of a passion of mine to share the knowledge. It really is so simple but yet so many ladies won’t acknowledge. I appreciate your time and wish you continued success.

Happy to help you spread the news, it is possible to live Happily Ever After, I’m living proof!  Horrible dating life, dating after 40, ugh…the horror stories.  Thought I would have to settle or either be alone and thanks to your great advice I finally listened to AND actually applied to my life I didn’t have to do either.  I’m married to a wonderful man who is perfect for me and we are not just happy, but healthy which is something everyone should strive for.  Thanks again.

I wish you all the best in your continued success.

Lisa Overley