After years of recovery from a cheating ex-husband I was ready to date again.  It became clear very quickly that most guys on dating apps (paid and unpaid) were looking for a hook-up.  I tried many different apps and learnt quickly that asking for a recent picture was important.  So many times, I didn’t recognize the people I’d agreed to meet.

While I had fun, I knew what I was doing wouldn’t get me to my end goal of a long-term relationship.  I was feeling ready for a change. I discovered Evan via his Love U Podcasts first, then I bought and read, and re-read every book.  I updated my profile, became much choosier about who’d I’d meet.  I found that I either had lots of dates in a week, or none and I couldn’t figure out why. I needed to understand how to find the guy that wanted me for me.  I resonated with the advice; it was so simple.

I realized it’s to let the guy take the reins.  It isn’t a sign of weakness.  While I understood it, I didn’t live this for a long time. Things changed when I truly accepted how I needed to behave. When I stopped following up with the “it was good to see you” texts etc., it really showed me who was interested and who wasn’t.

When I started following the advice from Love U, things changed slowly.  I talked to more guys, went on fewer dates (as I became selective…in a more open way).  The result was that I met my husband – someone I’d never thought of dating.

My life changed forever on July 21st 2016.  I went on a first date with a guy called John.  That was at 9pm in a bar around the corner from where I lived (because I couldn’t be bothered to dress up as I’d worked out that night too).

I was leaving for a trip early the next morning so only planned on staying on my date for an hour.  We closed the bar down – we talked and talked.  John stayed on my couch that night, and when I overslept for my 6am flight he drove me to the airport and lent me his sunglasses.  Even better, the moment I got to my destination we spent another few hours on the phone.  Never once did I have to worry about what John was thinking or how he felt.  He was honorable, gave me time and space to realize this was life-changing.

I fell in love with him the day he gave a $20 tip to a delivery guy, just because he wanted to make the guy smile. We’ve never looked back; we hardly argue and when we do it’s easy to recover.

Fast forward a couple of years and John proposed.  We got married last year.  It is the best relationship I’ve ever had.  We’re best friends and I couldn’t imagine us not together.

I loved being part of Love U, hearing success stories, seeing how easy the advice is to follow, and witnessing Evan’s humanity when he shares his own stories.