Since I joined Love U, so much has happened. It’s surely been such magical time that it’s been like a dream come true and it is all because of you and your coaching. I opened myself up to this man’s attention and affection and he has not disappointed me since then.

He told me after 2 dates he wanted to be exclusive and be his girlfriend and told me he was in love after 2 months. As it turned out he was not being “polite” when he would ask me how I was during my cancer treatments but really wanted to be there for me because he knew in his heart that I was someone special. By December, he had introduced me to his kids in France and on Feb 1st, we got engaged. We got married the following summer and I finally have a new job now in Boston MA and we both moved a couple of weeks ago.

The best part is, he has remained solid, consistent, loving and supportive through all this time and I have never been happier or in more love in all my life. And that love continues to grow each day.

I continued to be a member of Love U because regardless of how happy I am with my current situation; I always learn more during each coaching call.

I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. Thank you sooooo very much!

With warmest regards,
Saima S