I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. I started to reading your newsletter and then got the Why He Disappeared. I was starting to see a pattern in the men who hadn’t worked out and I knew I needed a change. I’m so happy to say that with your e-books and videos, you coached me into the best relationship of my life. My love is kind, treats me like gold, makes me laugh non-stop, he’s financially responsible, a great cook, and we have amazing chemistry! He even bakes me fresh bread every few days. Bread and butter are the way to my heart. Haha. It’s really off the charts.

At first, it felt strange to be with someone who was so giving as I’m used to being the one who takes care. With your help encouragement, I am now SO happy to have this wonderful man by my side. Now that Brian and I are married, I still feel like your advice was crucial to the success of this relationship. Really. This time around I picked the nice guy who will love me forever and be true. That’s a big change. I just needed you to help me understand that I was picking the wrong ones. Thank you. My kids thank you too

Sarah Jane (and Brian says a big thank you too!)