Just wanted to share a wedding picture with you and thank you for being the BEST coach a single lady could want!!! We chose to have a small intimate wedding (30 people total), otherwise I would have definitely sent you an invite. In any case, I wanted to thank you for fine tuning my dating vision so I could finally weed out the guys that weren’t right for me and see the man that is perfect for me. What you do as a coach is such a gift!

I have to thank you for all of your advice and fine tuning. Before working with you, I was so used to the flashy guys going all in to impress me, that I probably would have passed over the man I’m with because he would have been too normal and kind of boring for the old me.

In our Love U Masters private coaching, you really helped me get past the ridiculous and petty ideals I had of new relationships, and instead look for the right combo of the three C’s: Character, Compatibility, and Chemistry.

It’s been almost two years since we last talked, but I wanted to let you know I’m married! He’s everything I always hoped for and more.

I’m quite certain if I hadn’t worked with you one-on-one, I would still be single and searching for the unrealistic ideals I had before. Thanks to you and your help in our coaching sessions, I finally found the man that’s perfect for me! He’s my best friend and teammate, we laugh and have fun together even while doing the simplest of things, I trust him in every way, plus our chemistry has grown from a 6-7 to a solid 9 as we have grown closer to each other.

The bottom line is that I followed your instructions and advice during our coaching, and I couldn’t be happier because of it! Thank you for helping me become a better person for the man whom I am going to share the rest of my life! I am forever grateful for you and what you do!

Evan Marc Katz is the BEST!! 💖🏆

All the best,

Shannon Kneece