After many years of post-divorce dating life, I changed my status to engaged as of 2/12/22 – and I credit you with finding my person and making a happy life for myself and my teenaged kids. I devoured your sage advice dispensed in videos, articles, and written materials. In understanding how I was contributing to my failed relationships in choosing the wrong people for me, I learned what criteria would truly lead to happiness, which lead to meeting a wonderful man, pictured here. 

Before I encountered you years ago, I would have dismissed him after the first date for not looking or talking like the type of man I thought was my best match. However, your advice on mirroring efforts, noticing substance over form, and looking to someone’s actions instead of their words resonated with me. I kept that in mind, ending relationships that were going nowhere and recognizing that chemistry does not guarantee compatibility. 

When I encountered Brian online in early March of 2020, we texted and talked many times before meeting in July, laying the groundwork for a trusting relationship filled with laughter. By December 2020, we got a Husky puppy, and Brian moved in with us. 

To summarize, the lessons you provided to me allowed me to evolve into a more loving, trusting, accepting person who moved past the damage from past hurts to develop a deep and sustainable love with a wonderful man. I wanted you to be aware of the good your work has wrought for my family. 

With gratitude,