I defied the odds as a divorced woman in my 40’s when I met (online – Tinder!!) and married the love of my life last summer. The reason he is lucky to have me is I’m supportive, caring, sexy, kind, an excellent communicator, intelligent, open minded, non-judgmental, easy going and know what it takes for relationships to go the distance in a happy and healthy manner.

My intention for my love life is to keep my relationship strong by nurturing it, honoring it, loving my husband as he is while strengthening our bond and connection as a couple.

My husband and I are very playful, always laughing and having fun! We bring out the best in one another! ❤️

Thank you, Evan, for the role you played getting me comfortable with online dating! Thanks to you and Love U, I have the confidence to put myself out there if anything (God forbid!) should happen to George in the years to come.

Despite the obstacles we have faced, or perhaps because of them, we have fused our love and feel completely bonded in a way that neither of us has ever been before. We’ve lived many years in this one year and it has made our relationship the rock-solid masterpiece that we both truly deserve!

All my best to you and your family,