You wouldn’t take any food that someone forced onto your plate. You wouldn’t take any job that was offered to you out of college. You wouldn’t live in any home that was temporarily vacant. Then why is it that so many women tell me that their entire love lives have been based on whatever man showed strong interest at the time? The answer, of course, is scarcity. If you think you’re never going to eat again, you’ll take whatever food is offered. If you think you have no employment options, you grab anything that pays the bills. If you’re going to be homeless, you take a room wherever it’s available. Here’s what’s different about love: you don’t NEED to take whatever’s available. You can say no. You can be single. You can raise your standards until they’re met. So if your pattern is falling into a relationship with whoever tries the hardest when you’re lonely, listen to this Love U Podcast. You’ll never be the same.

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