You were seeing a guy. And by seeing a guy, I mean sleeping with a guy. Things were really great for those first five dates. Until they weren’t. Suddenly, he did the slow fade, texting less frequently, not reaching out for platonic plans, not driving the relationship forward. If you heard from him at all, it was a random text to say hi, or a plea for you to come to his house. Sooner or later, it all fell apart. And from that experience, you learned…nothing. Yes, you’ve repeated that pattern again and again and again. Meet a cute, charming guy, sleep with him before you know him well, and wonder why you keep getting hurt. Today, I’m going to suggest one minor change to the order of things. Don’t sleep with a guy until he’s your boyfriend. Not because I say so. But because your way of doing things hasn’t exactly been making you happy.

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