If You Believe This, Your Relationship is Doomed.

If you’re single, all of your romantic relationships ended. That devastating truth may cause you to mistrust your own judgment and assume all your future relationships are doomed to fail as well. But are they? In this Love U Podcast, I share the story of a Love U graduate who realized she was NOT doomed to repeat her tortured history and broke free of her past. You’re gonna want to share this one with a friend.

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  1. 1
    Starr Cruise

    I have to tell you Evan, I have been reading your emails and listening to many of your podcasts for a long time, and just about every podcast I end up calling you a few names (LOL) because you nail every silly belief (read that as excuse) I use to stay single. You are the best coach I have ever listened to, and again, this really hit the spot. Next step is the university. Question, my current “excuse” (could be) is that I am living with a male cousin in a small home that we are jointly remodeling to sell next year. We are not a couple, but he wanted it to be in the beginning. I am not finding myself comfortable trying to date someone with this living arrangement. Yet I know I want to step up to the plate again (has been about 10 years), and don’t want to use this as an excuse if it really is not a viable one.

    1. 1.1
      Evan Marc Katz

      Thanks, Starr. When you’re ready to invest in your own happiness and commit to a better life, click on the Love U application and I’ll take care of you. In the meantime, thanks for watching.

  2. 2

    Starr, you don’t have to tell new guys who you live with. It’s none of their business until they get serious with you, anyway. For your protection, don’t bring guys you don’t know home, and you can just tell any man you’re dating that you don’t bring men home in early dating phases. I live alone, and I wouldn’t let a guy come over that I didn’t know really well and who was serious about me.

  3. 3


    That’s more paranoid that most folks will go. It’s gonna come off weird to almost any guy.

    Starr Cruise

    Your living situation doesn’t sound like it would be any concern to a majority of men.

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