Sexclusivity: Why Women Should Make Men Wait for Sex


Holding out for sex is not about holding out until marriage, tricking him into a relationship or trying to keep him around. On the contrary, it’s about taking enough time to assess whether your guy is truly boyfriend-worthy rather than sex-worthy. Tune in to this important Love U Podcast to ensure you never get “used” by a man for sex ever again.

More on why women should make men wait for sex.

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  1. 31

    after some consideration on this blog, i think that there are some flaws in the dating advice.

    firstly , making the guy wait for sex-while she AND/or he are already having sex with other people WHILE are dating each other-in of itself sets a bad pretext for later if/when you DO commit to each other for monogamous relationship. i can only see that as placing a future bomb under a marriage.

    speaking for my own conservative self, to get a really good life partner, going without sex with each other(nor anybody else) for a few months for BOTH of us is NOT going to kill either of us.

    however-ain’t no way she can expect me to hold off on all sex while she beds other guys -as totally unreasonable and grossly unfair to me. no man should accept that BS from a woman. quite frankly ,any woman doing that hypocrisy will just end up abusing her sexual power over her future husband and cheat heartlessly on him.

    secondly , there was nothing mentioned on critical things to do WHILE waiting those few first months-such as meeting each others family , friends, coworkers and other “friends”,if you get my implication.

    i certainly want to get a general view on what her past life has been , such as whether she had a history of sleeping around casually or had cheated on a committed partner,for example.

    i sure as hell wouldn’t wait months for someone who handed herself out  freely to guys she didn’t even know.actually i wouldn’t want her at all when i could be investing wiser time with much smarter women

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